Tay Point
Tay Point Archaeology (TPA)
Tay Point provides a unique opportunity to explore the historical ecology of a single Huron-Wendat community. Bordered on three sides by the waters of Georgian Bay, the point covers about 25 km2, and contains the archaeological remains of at least six Huron-Wendat villages believed to represent the movements of a single community over a 250 year period (A.D. 1400-A.D. 1650).  TPA has two main research objectives: (1) to investigate the sustainability of Huron-Wendat ecology through sustained European contact; (2) to advance minimally invasive methodology in Huron-Wendat archaeology.  The major methods of investigation are a combination of non-invasive geophysical prospection, soil coring, auger hole testing, and limited test excavation.  TPA involves a multiyear program of historical and archaeological research from 2014 through 2020.
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